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zenith - oak, metal and glassbowl without title without title - wood, metal and concrete without title - old framework bar (oak), red sandstone and stainless steel without title - elm and metal when will the light go on - metalpieces Ive found, wood and paint when the soul screams for help - no one can hear it when the soul screams for help - no one can hear it - wood and paint + poster-sized photo (Melbourne) vagina II - metal and wooden orbs up and down - flake board and paint there is still light at the end of the tunnel there is still light at the end of the tunnel - wood and paint the thin line II - hornbeam the soul of the tree - oak and metal the pride of creation - 12 different woods the open door - old door approx. 1938 from my old studio the family Stone - rad sandstone and stainless steel the dreamer - combination of wood and metal the dance on the roofs of  Barcelona - canvas and paint the couple the couple, original idea for a chessgame - railroadclip and metal the blind and the seeing eye - metal and wood the balanced world - metal, wood (oak and limewood), glassplate (crystalglass) sun and moon - 300 years old elm and stainless steel self-reflection - wood, metal Ive found and pieces of a mirror play of colors - paperboard and paint philanthrophy - pear wood - base made of granite passing eachother - sheet as a canvas my oppositional church - former movie set my life in a picture my life in a picture - canvas and paint looking away, very skilled - bedcover and paint lifes not black and white - its multicolored - wooden plates, copperplate and brassstring let me be as I am - wooden board, paint and walnut jump in at the deep end it - wooden plate and paint inwardly inwardly - wood, string, paint and a frame of mahogany grief about the lost humanity grief about the lost humanity - pear wood stained genetically modified cow - metal, horns of a cow and wood futuristic coat rack - metal and wood fruit bowl lamp - stone, metal and wood freedom of belief - wood, canvas, brasssheet and sand from the Sahara Desert Leela and the swan (modern) - linensheet and paint fisherman - wood, heronfeathers and beak familiy at the round table - metal Designertable with a small sculpture - table whtieTisch wei├čer marble and metal, sculpture wood and pigeonfeather dancer with a socket - metal and wood conflict - primitive times, modern times - photo series as print collage (lamp) - metal Ive found, string, coffee strainer, coppernail etc. clean slate - paint on canvas, the frame is an own creation 73x80cm bite the wood - cherrywood and fork beyond ones own nose beyond ones own nose - wood, old plate and brass plate beeing one beeing one - oak a view into my gallery aesthetics - mahogany and metal a knight as a coat rack - wood, paint, metal and mirror 110X40X30 - old carcasswood (oak), metal and red sandstone
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